YOGAudacious #WCW – Dianne Bondy

March 11, 2015

This article is reposted with permission from from the 2014 series.

Dianne-Bondy-300x300How did you find yoga?

I started when I was about 3 with my mom. She would put my brother and sister down for a nap and we would have yoga time. It was they only way she could reduce the stress of being a Mom with 3 kids ages 3 and under.

I loved practicing shoulder stand and down dog with my mom. I do the same with my boys.

How are you courageous?

My friends describe me as a get it done kind of person. My motto is “feel the fear and do it anyway.” I don’t wait to be asked, I go out and seek. I live by the Gita’s message to take action!

I will try anything once and I don’t believe in giving up. I think that is my courageous spirit. I believe as long as you are alive you can get it done. I love the focus and discipline that yoga teaches me. Yoga teaches to be compassionate and to have a courageous heart. Yoga teaches me “yes you can.”

My biggest pet is peeve-people thinking I can’t practice yoga because I have a larger body. I kick up into handstand and then BOOM, the stereotypes are shattered.

How does yoga weave into your daily life?

I practice for 10 minutes everyday sometimes it is just savasana. I love to share a guided 6 am practice with my friends; I love teaching online yoga. I like to chant when I am nervous. I meditate in line at the grocery store or while I waiting at the doctor’s office.

Advice for beginners dealing with fear?

My advice for anyone who wants to try yoga is “yes you can do yoga!” Take your time; start with a beginner series; find a teacher and a studio you accepts you for who you are; most importantly never ever give up. You are smart enough, you are bold enough; and as long as you are alive, you can still live your dream!

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