Yoga and Body Image Coalition

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is committed to body love by developing, promoting and supporting yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity. Our mission not only advocates yoga as an essential tool in personal transformation, from the inside out, but also includes a critical social justice component by challenging industry leaders and media creators to expand their vision of what a yogi looks like.

Embodied Resilience through Yoga:

30 Mindful Essays About Finding Empowerment After Addiction, Trauma, Grief, and Loss

Topics of loss and hardship are often swept aside in conversations about mindfulness and yoga, but this remarkable book offers profound wisdom on how your practice can help you carry on during challenging times. Explore unique perspectives on trauma related to gender, identity, and body image. Discover uplifting messages of recovery, awakening, and belonging. This anthology encourages you to reconnect with your body and transform it into a trusted ally that provides strength you didn't realize you had.


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Our campaign challenges stereotypes about who practices yoga, who should practice yoga, and what a “yoga body” looks like. Share and wear the YBIC 'This is whatayogilookslike' Tee, Tank or Hoodie.

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Every Body is a Yoga Body

Spread the good vibes and buy a tee/tank/hoodie for yourself, a teacher, friend, family member or someone who loves (or could benefit from) yoga. Join us by boldly declaring, " Every body is a yoga body."

Yoga and Body Image:

Yoga and Body Image:

25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery & Loving Your Body.

In this incredible, first-of-its-kind book, twenty-five authors, including Alanis Morrisette, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, and Dr. Sara Gottfried, discuss how yoga and body image intersect. With these inspiring personal stories, learn how yoga not only affects your body but also how it affects the way you feel about your body. Each author offers a unique perspective on how yoga has shaped his or her life and provides tips for using yoga to find self-empowerment and a renewed body image. By bringing together a diverse collection of voices that span the spectrum of human experience, this anthology will help you learn to love your body and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Much of our dissatisfaction (and disappointment) with our bodies and compromised self-esteem is a result of an image not rooted in reality but grounded in an illusion.

    Melanie Klein
    Melanie Klein
  • My yoga practice teaches me acceptance in that my body is not an inconvenience or a burden, but rather an opportunity to reclaim my position in any space I choose to occupy.

    Chelsea Jackson, Ph.D
    Chelsea Jackson, Ph.D
  • No one else empowers you. You empower yourself. And as that inner empowerment unfolds, you step into your agency and can begin to take compassionate action on your own behalf.

    Anna Guest-Jelley
    Anna Guest-Jelley




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