YOGAudacious #WCW – Nancy Alder

February 25, 2015

This article is reposted with permission from from the 2014 series.

How did you find yoga?

I found yoga after having my children as a way to get back to a body that was mine. I did prenatal videos when I was pregnant from Shiva Rea and Gurmurkh, but really began my journey when I took my first in-person class. My teacher, Korin Brody, was a fellow mom and friend. She was kind, trusting and a wonderful teacher who truly inspired me to find my path.

How has yoga helped you be courageous?

Yoga gave me the courage to be strong in stillness and in my own breath. Without yoga I am not sure I would have found such comfort in this stillness. I was able to be quiet and strong again, which was lacking as a mom to little people.

Plus I was reminded of what amazing things my body could do besides grow, birth and feed babies, which was immensely valuable in the journey back to being “Nancy” and not just “mom.”

Eventually, I learned that balancing on one foot, sitting in stillness or lying in a supported asana (pose) are all moments of strength. If we can accept what we need in the moment and give that to ourselves, then we can be powerful, strong and fearless.

I take my strength off the mat as well as my weaknesses. The greatest gift has been the courage to accept myself: my flaws and my strengths.

What is essential in your practice?

My favorite lesson to share with my yogis and my children is that no two people are the same. We look different, we feel different, our bones are different, our experiences are different, and every day we are different. If we can accept who we are in the moment, then we can learn to accept others and anything else that comes our way. There is real non-judgement in acceptance that is fundamental to my yoga.

That is the practice I teach in my classes and off the mat as well.

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