YOGAudacious #WCW – Kiyomi Takahashi

February 4, 2015

This article is reposted with permission from from the 2014 series.

kiyomi-square-300x296How did you find yoga?

Yoga showed up in my life during my 8+ years of fast-paced corporate environment where I was stressed out, lost, empty, frustrated, overwhelmed and disconnected from my Self. My time on the mat became an oasis after dreadfully long days of work.

I left my corporate job and now, I teach yoga and full time, and Yoga is the vital part of my life and I start my day with Sadhana at home, and study with teachers at YogaWorks, Exhale, YogaWest, RA MA Institute with Annie Carpenter, Guru Singh, Tej, Mia Togo, Kia Miller and so many other amazing role models in this community.

How are you Courageous?

I had doubts about myself and was afraid because English is not my first language, but by the time I was done with my 500-hour teacher training, I knew I wanted to share what I had learned to help guide other people’s journeys to reconnect with the Self. Even though I am rather stiff as a Yoga Teacher and was kind of new to spiritual practice, I took a leap of faith and fully jumped into the teaching path.

Something inside of me urged me to pursue this path to share this amazing gift with others – and nothing could stop me. I would have never thought I will be teaching full-time, yet my practice has been helping me to stay true to my ‘voice’ from my heart and continue on this path.

What are the main benefits of your practice?

Yoga helps me to look within and connect deeply with who I am, so rather than searching for the answers of what’s right for me from the outside, I seek answers from within myself. My Sadhana (morning practice and meditation) at home before starting my day is the key to stay centered and grounded. I sure have occasions that I react to situations but this practice sets the reference point for me and I know where to come back.

I am the most authentic version of myself when I feel the sensation that I am truly serving others by teaching and coaching because that is the deepest desire of my heart.

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