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June 19, 2016

This year YBIC was honored to be a participating organization in the inaugural World Eating Disorders Action Day which took place on June 2, 2016. We united with organizations and activists representing 40 countries to increase awareness, eradicate myths and collectively advocate for resources and policy change. It was amazing and inspiring to see the far reaching impact of a group of committed activists. This, however, was only the beginning. To affect real change our work must continue on.

We at YBIC are committed to continuing to advance the understanding that eating disorders are not choices. They are serious illnesses influenced by an individual’s genetics, neurobiology and environment, which affect people of all ages, weights, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities and socioeconomic statuses. We are committed to continuing to advocate for evidence-based, culturally competent, effective and accessible treatment. As part of these efforts, YBIC will be highlighting a monthly column that will speak to the use of yoga as an integral component in the effective treatment of and on-going recovery from eating disorders.

If you would like to contribute to our monthly column, please send your 500-word submission to ybicoalition@gmail.com with the subject line “SUBMISSION – Eating Disorders & Yoga Column”. Along with that, please send your bio, weblink, and 2 high-res photos.


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