Community Partners


Our coalition was created to specifically highlight partners. We elevate voices, individually and collectively, to give our community further reach by sharing inclusive yoga offerings for every BODY.

Want to join the YBIC?

Here will find an outline of how you can get involved and an application to get started as a YBIC Community Partner.

Janet Lowndes
Mind Body Well
Rachel Allen
Yoga Song
Caitlin Tremblay
Ardha Chandra Yoga
Camella Nair (Swami Nibhrtananda)
Aqua Kriya Yoga
Nadia El-Fawal
Yoga for Ample Bodies
Jenny Hannon
Cy Lecerf Maulpoix
We Are Yogis Paris
Kristen McCutcheon
Zen Ewe Yoga
Kennae Miller
Transformation Yoga
Kortney Olson
Nancy Rhodes
Abundance Yoga
Kate Steller
Heather Jones
Curvy Yoga PDX
Luvena Rangel
The Curvy Yogi
Stephanie Cunningham
Yoga Lightness
Cheryl Boyer
Christine Harbison
Satya Yoga




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