Soul Space Yoginis Unite for LaFayette House

November 27, 2017

When women support women, incredible things happen. Help us support this organization which includes a women’s shelter and treatment services.


Soul Space Yoginis Unite

When women support women, incredible things happen. This is the heart of Soul Space: Girls’ Night In: a space for women to come together, not in competition but in calling one another up. Although we began as a ‘yogi book club,’ it took but one evening to realize that the greatest transformations would come from our connection with one another. Now that we realize more than ever the power of female friendship, we want to ensure all women realize that the most vital ingredient for pursuing a purposeful life is each other.

This December, Downtown Yoga Joplin is collaborating with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition to support LaFayette House – a sanctuary for women who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or struggling with substance use. We created the campaign #SoulSpaceYoginisUnite and hope you will join us. We are seeking donations from women owned or managed businesses locally and online to create a gift basket to be raffled. All those who donate to this campaign will be featured through our social media networks. We also created a special Instagram Yoga Challenge to help spread the word for the campaign and raise awareness for this vital organization.

The winners will be announced during a special Facebook Live at Soul Space on December 15, 2017. To donate to the project, or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jenny Copeland (email: or Downtown Yoga Joplin (via Facebook: We hope you will join us in this special project supporting LaFayette House and showing our community what happens when women support women.


Soul Space Yoginis Unite Instagram Challenge Details:

Follow each of our hosts: @drjennycopeland @ybicoalition and @downtownyoga_jomo as well as the LaFayette House @lafayettehouse1978. Then, repost this flyer and tag 3 friends to spread the word. Share your practice with us and post your pics no later than Wednesday December 13.

– Monday, December 4
o Today, move your body simply for the joy of it. Share a pose that brings a smile to your face and keeps you coming back to the mat.
– Tuesday, December 5
o We often struggle to see and appreciate ourselves as we are, feeling as if we need to prove ourselves and our worth. Today, share a pose where you often push yourself too far. Use a variation that lets you be in the body you have right now, not the one you wish you had.
– Wednesday, December 6
o Today, share the pose in which you feel most at home or peaceful. Where are you drawn for relief when all the world around you is in chaos?
– Thursday, December 7
o Society teaches us to make ourselves small, to keep our emotions, passions, desires, and stories to ourselves to make sure everyone else is comfortable. Today, share a pose you suspect you can take deeper than you normally do. Could you honor your intuition on what you are truly capable of in this world?
– Friday, December 8
o Vulnerability is the practice of taking risks, of showing up and allowing yourself to truly be seen. Share a picture (yoga pose not required) that lets us see you as a whole person. How do you define your story?
– Saturday, December 9
o Today, share a pose that is on the edge of your comfort zone – the one you start to squirm in as soon as you enter. Could you take a risk and stay with your breath, and notice what is on the other side?
– Sunday, December 10
o For the final day of the challenge, show us the women who inspire you – who reminds you of your inner awesomeness, your power, and your purpose?

Three winners will be chosen to win one of three prizes: a copy of the forthcoming book Yoga Rising: 30 Empowering Stories from Yoga Renegades for Every Body; a trio of gem infused essential oil rollers hand crafted by Kasey Bell Yoga & Reiki; or, stickers featuring the 100 Angels Series by Jennifer Price Davis an intersectional feminist artist.

Tune into a special Facebook live with Downtown Yoga, Friday December 15 for the winners of the Instagram yoga challenge and raffles.

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