Namaste Scale Smash | Costa Mesa, CA | 2/26/17

February 7, 2017

Ever Wish You Could Really Show the Scale Who’s Boss? Now You Can!

EVERY ONE IS WELCOME! Regardless if you’ve struggled with an eating disorder or not, we’ve all experienced that horrible feeling when we just don’t like the way our body looks or we get to the point where we really hate our body. Smashing your scale is a declaration of independence from the unattainable standard society sets for both men and women. It symbolizes breaking free from the “perfect number” and all the promises of happiness we believe it holds, and discovering that we are already enough in the our body right now. 

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Namaste Scale Smash is presented by:



Details: Sunday, February 26th 11 AM – 1PM

Location: Asteya Fitness

151 Kalmus Drive, Building C, Suite 120, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


11AM – 11:45 AM Yoga for All Levels. Get grounded, feel acceptance and get inspired to break free.

11:45 – 12:30 PM Scale Smash and Balloon Release. Smash your scale, take your power back and let go of your “perfect number”

12:30 PM – 1PM Sound Bath Meditation. Feel the love and peace of total body acceptance.


This is a 100% Donation based Event. 50% will be donated to NEDA and 50% will be donated to the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.


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