January 19, 2015

Every Monday, Gigi Yogini sends out an inspirational mantra to members of her mailing list and we are reposting today’s mantra with her permission.


When you repeat this mantra, silently or out loud, you’re preparing your subconscious to attune to the goodness that is happening around you at all times. Of course, there are still going to be challenges and stressful things that might happen, but when you’re ready for the goodness, you will find more of it.

When we’re not ready, we tend to see and focus on the negativity. It happens to the best of us. But when we’re ready for the goodness, you’ll see it everywhere. You’ll appreciate the wave ‘hello” from a neighbor, the subtle kindness of the store clerk, and you might even notice the generosity from your friend or partner. The truth is, you’ll probably be more positive yourself, which in turn, with elicit kindness from others. So repeat to yourself: I am ready for the goodness of life.

An Exercise: Ego Eradicator

Just as the name suggests, this breathing technique helps you let go of your ego and cultivate your auric field of energy around you. While sitting in a comfortable position, lift your arms to a 60 degree angle and fold your fingers towards the heels of your hands. Keep the thumbs pointing toward each other as if they were connected with a line of energy.

Begin Kapalabhati breath, which is similar to Breath of Fire, but focus mostly on the exhale, drawing your navel toward the back body, and allowing your inhale to be passive (avoid this technique if your pregnant or on your menstrual cycle. Instead, practice deep breathing). This exercise will bring more energy to your heart and lymph nodes while awakening your core, which is your center of joy in the body. Start by doing this technique for 1 minute and then eventually build up to 3 minutes.

You can see a video of this breathing technique HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.47.48 AM

Release the negativity and repeat: I AM READY FOR THE GOODNESS IN LIFE.

Learning to use your mind and your breath to control and shift your mood is an amazing tool. You can move from fear to excitement, from sadness to hope, or from stress to determination. It just takes a little practice.

Use this mantra to help you have a great week. And of course, if you could use a little inspiration, sign up for the mailing list a

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