Chair Yoga for Every Body: Ericka Bell

January 15, 2016

ebyoga-logoEricka Bell has always had a love affair with movement. It began as a child with dance, and it has evolved into a yoga practice as an adult. She began taking yoga 14 years ago, and has taught yoga for the past 7 years. She’s had the privilege of sharing yoga with a diverse group of students; varying in age, ability, size, also fitness level. Early into her teaching journey she was invited to sub for a Chair Yoga class. She had never heard of such a practice. While intrigued she was skeptical of the process and the benefits, since most of her yoga experience had been through the style of Vinyasa Flow.

Not knowing what to expect, she prepared for her first practice by pulling movements from her yoga and dance background. After sharing the practice with her students she was not only inspired, but she was also a believer in the practice too. Immediately she researched teaching methods and trainings specifically for Chair Yoga. Gratefully she found the teachings of Lakshmi Voelker and earned her certification with Lakshmi entitled, “Get Fit Where You Sit”.

Through her studies and teachings she has found that Chair Yoga doesn’t make yoga easy, it simply makes yoga accessible. So, when she leads a class she approaches it as any other practice. There is breath awareness, sun salutes, warrior series, balance practice and everyone’s favorite relaxation. With every class she leads she witnesses the true fact that yoga has no age, no size, or no limits! She believes yoga is beyond exercise, it’s also about transformation of mind and spirit.

She also enjoys witnessing the growth of confidence and courage within her students…they are consistent with their practice and they desire to learn more. From these experiences ebyoga has been created to help expand diversity in yoga, empower individuals in their practice, and in their lives…join us, it’s time for yoga to include everyBODY!

Watch below for her head-to-toe chair yoga practice.



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