I live in Orange County, an area not necessarily known for its progressivism. The day after the election, I strolled by ladies of leisure brunching on patios that bore massive TRUMP signs. As I passed their expansive gardens, they toasted

When I first started practicing yoga, I would hear teachers say things like, “Notice what’s happening in your big toe,” or “How deeply are you breathing right now?,” and I’d just laugh inside and move along.

I thought this was just

Trauma-Informed Lens Yoga believes CONSENT matters, WORDS matter, ACTIONS matter, ATTITUDES matter, KNOWLEDGE matters, POWER DYNAMICS matter, KINDNESS matters, AWARENESS matters, CONSIDERATION matters, PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY matters and TRAUMA-INFORMED PRACTICE in public yoga classrooms matters.

Gwen Soffer and Melissa Lucchesi of Trauma-Informed Lens

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