There has never been a more lonely time in my life than when I was neck deep in a relapse of my eating disorder after struggling to find recovery for almost a decade. I had just graduated from college, was

I don’t remember how many times she asked me to try yoga, but I finally did. Exercise restrictions were lifted and I was craving movement. I was always a mover. But when it was time to go inpatient to treat

Join the Yoga and Body Image on June 2nd as we recognize World Eating Disorder Action Day- a global initiative to increase access to accurate information about eating disorders, eradicate myths, and collectively advocate for resources and policy change.

This year’s

Last year the Yoga and Body Image Coalition was honored to be a participating organization in the inaugural World Eating Disorders Action Day which takes place annually on June 2nd. We united with organizations and activists representing 40 countries to increase

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