A Discussion of Yoga, Politics, and Body Image

June 12, 2015

Podcast featuring Dianne Bondy and Dr. Carol Horton

Join author, educator, activist and professor Dr. Carol Horton as she discusses the changing image and the political animal that yoga has become. Dr. Horton speaks about an evolution of yoga past commercialism to the beginnings of a grass roots movement towards social and political change.


Dr. Carol Horton

Author and co-editor of two books on contemporary North American yoga, Carol contributes to a wide range of online and print publications and is a popular yoga blogger. She offers yoga workshops, teacher trainings, and public lectures on modern yoga history, yoga culture and ethics, trauma-sensitive yoga and other topics at leading studios in Chicago and worldwide. Read more about Carol.

Dianne Bondy
Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is an author, motivator, risk taker, educator, yoga teacher and leading voide in the Diversity in Yoga and Yoga of Inclusion Movement. With over 1000 hours of yoga training in diverse modalities such as yoga therapeutics, restorative yoga, meditation, and Anusara Yoga – Dianne truly believes that yoga is for all! Learn more about Dianne at DianneBondyYoga.com.

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