Modifying Yoga for Curvy Yogis

Modifying Yoga for Curvy Yogis | Kingston, ON | 6/26/16


An individual’s opportunity to experience the benefits of an asana practice in a studio space should not be limited by their size, shape or ability. In this workshop, we will give yoga teachers the tools and understanding they need in order to competently and sensitively help their larger students find more comfort in an asana practice. Learning these adaptations will allow you to feel comfortable as a teacher to reach out to curvy students so that they can enjoy a more positive experience and feel safe exploring the deeper healing benefits of yoga. “Teaching Yoga for Bigger Bodied Yogis” will teach specific approaches, props, and adjustments for larger bodies so that the yoga space can become inclusive for them in the body they inhabit today.Creating this judgement-free space will mean opening the yoga space up to people of all sizes to develop a open and honest relationship with themselves and the world through yoga. Learning these skills will give bigger-bodied yogis in your classes the chance to focus on the practice of yoga and developing present moment awareness – in essence, taking away any obstacle that their bodies once seemingly created. We’ll establish an atmosphere where all students can learn to love the body they have today and begin to develop a sustainable, healthy, evolving practice.

In the spirit of good health at every size.

Note: Please bring two pillows, which we will use for props as well as any zafus or seat cushions you may wish to use as we will be seated on the floor on yoga mats. We have bolsters, blocks, blankets and other props available here at the studio.

Sunday June 26, 2016


Investment: $70



Carly Stong

About the instructor: Carly Stong is passionate about radical self-love. She has been teaching Yoga for Bigger Bodies since 2011 and has been a Community Partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition since 2015. She supports individuals to re-discover and nurture their innate strength, love, balance and serenity and believes in living life bravely, from a place of authenticity. She adds meaning to her days by sharing a variety of healing modalities including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa-style yoga classes, and Therapeutic Yoga.